2014 – year end

Well, not sure where all the time has gone — but y’know living can get in the way of life sometimes.  Many gardens have come and gone. Many family dramas have angsted their way through and over the best intentions of having a creative blog outlet, crafted with joy and personal satisfaction.  Oh well. today is a new day and the verge of a new year. It is the evening before New Years eve 2014.  Already.  zoom.   The only other post I have in this blog is the unfortunate “First Post” — from Baguio, Philippines..  A long chugging haul up the 3rd world hills, past washouts and poverty to the cool mountain city with kids dreaming about riding horses and eating fresh strawberries.

Well that didn’t happen.  In actuality, on day one there, a sister-in-law was robbed of her cash, the family’s passports and her handbag and most of the visit found the kids and I in the car in a parking garage while the victims got lip service from the local corrupt police. The good news was that we drove home in daylight and could navigate the washed out mountains much better than in the foggy night time.  Just another day in paradise. Christmas 2009 – almost 5 years ago to the day.

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